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If you would, then please send it to us as an attachment to an email, maximum size should be 640 x 480 to ensure easy uploading, and please save the file as a .jpg.


Also include your name, which itinerary you were on, etc for us to give you credit on the site.





Life on Board


These images show the typical life you can expect on board M/Y Infinity from the daily diving routine, meal times, relaxing and sleeping through the day to the parties in the evenings.

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Our Boat - M/Y Infinity


Being such a beautiful vessel, it seems only right to have a gallery especially set up to show M/Y Infinity in all of her glory. We have collected shots from around the boat to show her working and the guests aboard enjoying her comforts.

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The Underwater World


What selection of galleries from a Safari company would be complete without a collection of images from beneath the surface? We have collected a selection of the best from our guides and guests alike to share with you.

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Click here to see a 'time lapse photo' movie of M/Y Infinity recently taken by one of our guides.  The movie was created by taking many photos from the exact same position over regular intervals of time, then running them all in sequence to give the illusion of movement.