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Rocky Island, Zabargad, St Johns and Elphinstone


The fantastic walls of Rocky Island with the potential for Hammerheads, drift diving on Zabargad, small wrecks and the drop offs of St Johns and the coral gardens and swim-throughs of Fury Shoal make this a fantastic safari for the seasoned diver.



On your first day start with a local site such as Ras Shona, which offers encounters with turtles and scorpionfish. As a second and night dive, Sha’ab Sharm offers wall dives where White Tips Reef Sharks can sometimes be seen on the plateau.


The boat then travels overnight to the islands of Rocky and Zabargad.  Rocky is a small island with walls all around. Hammerheads can often be seen at the north tip. Manta rays, Grey Reef sharks and Whitetip Reef sharks can be encountered around the whole island.  Dusk drift dives are ideal at the stunning coral slopes of Zabargad Island.


On the third day, dive the wreck of a Russian cargo boat, which is on the east side of the island. This 75m long, intact wreck, provides an alternative to reef diving. If the weather is inclement, then head to St. John’s for a full day of adventure, which is only one hour away with the chance to dive Habili Ali and Habili Soraya.


A variety of sites ranging from the tiny pinnacle of Habili Gaffar to shallow coral gardens. Manta Rays are here most of the year and Grey Reef sharks patrol the wall dive sites. Caves and caverns make an alternative afternoon dive.  Night dives give the chance to see Spanish dancers and hunting Morays.


On the fourth day, the first dive is at St John’s, and then onto a second dive at St. John’s caves, a shallow reef riddled with caves and caverns at 7m providing a great exploration dive.


Sha’ab Maksour offers another wall dive or dive El Malahi, sometimes called ‘The Playground’ with its myriad of channels, caverns and swim-throughs.  Shiriniat at Wadi Gamal Island is a shallow reef with plenty of corals and reef life.


An early start to Elphinstone Reef, with its stunning walls of soft corals and the two underwater plateaux, one at either tip, offers the chance to see numerous sharks.


Note: Minimum of 50 logged dives required and no night dives permitted in the Marine Park area by Egyptian Law. These are challenging dives, with strong currents, so not for inexperienced divers. 

Long overnight sailing is required in order to do all the dives.  All the dive sites are subject to weather conditions.  Only two dives and one night dive are achievable on some days due to the travelling distance.

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